Beach Massage options

Pampered VI offers onsite services or 
beach massages. Reservations are required.

Pampered VI Custom Facial 
Allow our knowledgeable esthetician create 
a facial that is ideal for your skin care needs! 
Whether it is hyperpigmentation, acne, 
roseacea or aging we have you covered!

Relaxation Massage
Need to de-stress and relax? This massage will have you melting into the table and have 
you leaving feeling refreshed and revived.
Pampered Vi Signature Massage

Deep Tissue
This style of massage will help to relieve knots and bring blood back, to areas of tension. Our deep tissue massage offers more stretching techniques as well as working out knots. But both techniques will have you feeling relaxed 
and relieved.

***This Option is available at Check Out